Anorexia Nervosa

Eating problems are common and can affect people of any body shape, age or their lifestyle. It can be triggered by a number of things and you can also develop an eating problem if other parts of your life aren’t quite right.

Some eating problems such as Anorexia and Bulimia are looked upon as a mental health conditions that may need professional help to diagnose and also treat. Some signs of unhealthy eating are:-, Losing appetite, Eating when not hungry, Obsessing about your body image, e.g. I’m too fat, Fear of gaining weight, Being sick, Being secretive about food and Dramatic weight loss or gain.

Taking the first step to talk to someone is good. Sometimes it may be hard for someone to think that they really have an eating problem, but beginning to talk to someone is the start of your road to recovery. Always remember you are not alone and it is really important to take that first step to recovery.

Who can help you?

Counselling services in the North Coast Causeway area of Northern Ireland, we can offer you an initial telephone consultation for 15/20 minutes free of charge for you to discuss the reason you are seeking counselling.