Attachment Disorder

Like many mental health concerns, attachment problems fall on a spectrum. Some are mild cases that can be more easily addressed, while others may become an attachment disorder.

Parenting a child with attachment disorder is a challenging experience. Of course, providing safety for the child and the rest of the family will be a priority. Families will need ongoing support and education to help overcome challenges with attachment.

Attachment disorder is typically thought to be specific to children and young people. There is, however, a growing understanding that unresolved attachment issues can cause significant problems in adulthood.

When attachment issues aren’t addressed during childhood, adults can be left with resulting struggles. Forming relationships and bonds with others is often the biggest issue.

Adults with attachment disorder may become co-dependant or, alternatively, exert a level of hostility that prevents others from getting close. Others may struggle to tune into their emotions. Many will rely on the coping mechanisms they built during childhood, which can leave them isolated as adults.

Who can help you?

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