Living with depression can be difficult, not only for sufferers, but also for those around them and therefore some people will wait a long time before seeking help. This is especially true if they fear it will make them feel rejected, ridiculed or deprived of a sense of control.

Sometimes it’s instantly apparent what the cause is, but other times there isn’t an obvious reason why you feel so down. It could be that you’ve lost something or someone through bereavement. Usually there will be more than one reason why you suffer from depression, and these reasons differ from person to person.

Common reasons behind the development of depression include:

  • Distressing life events - Distressing life events can take their toll on us. Divorce, family problems or losing a job are all momentous in our lives that can alter our mood.
  • Bereavement -Losing someone that is close to you, even from natural causes, can increase the risk. It’s not always just the loss that causes it, it’s the way we deal with it. If you don’t grieve or express your feelings properly, they can build up and contribute towards depression.
  • Childhood experiences - Your childhood experiences can affect you in adult life. If you were physically or emotionally abused, or not taught to cope with troubles that enter your life, it could lead you to having problems as you grow up.
  • Anger - ‘Frozen anger’ is a term that’s closely related to depression. You may have gone through something that caused you to become angry, but at the time you couldn’t express your feelings properly. This type of anger becomes suppressed; it can then build up and become a cause of depression.

Who can help you?

Counselling services in the North Coast Causeway area of Northern Ireland, we can offer you an initial telephone consultation for 15/20 minutes free of charge for you to discuss the reason you are seeking counselling.