Family Issues

Family life can be a place of refuge and security, but for some it is a source of pain and disappointment. Our families absorb many of the stresses and strains from the outside world – and the pressures can boil over at times, and can have a negative impact on our overall health and well-being.

A family is a ‘system’, but the rules and expectations of each one are unique and complex and often seen differently by each member of the family. It is through examining what the explicit and hidden ‘rules’ might be in each family and how they are seen and interpreted by each member that therapeutic work might commence. One of the dilemmas of modern family life can undoubtedly be the conflict of being an individual and remaining and existing within the family system.

Reasons for counselling for family issues may be:

  • disruption after separation or divorce or a new partner moving in
  • problems with step-family life
  • debt
  • problems with adolescents or older children
  • children leaving home
  • unwanted pregnancy

Therapeutic work may explore:

  • exploration of the current problem
  • how it is perceived by different members including the client
  • ways of dealing with past problems
  • parenting issues
  • family dynamics and personalities
  • communication styles within the family
  • how the family functions emotionally

At Castle Counselling Services we can offer you a safe, secure, confidential and non-judgemental space in which to consider any family issues you may be experiencing. We can assist you in clarifying what the issues are and then focus on solutions. Therapy can help with self-reflection for you, and can increase your self-awareness of your individualised family dynamics. Issues may might be explored may relate to one incident or a repeated pattern of behaviour.

Who can help you?

Counselling services in the North Coast Causeway area of Northern Ireland, we can offer you an initial telephone consultation for 15/20 minutes free of charge for you to discuss the reason you are seeking counselling.