Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal thoughts can occur when you are thinking or feeling that you may want to take your own life. These thoughts and feelings normally span a spectrum, and can present as persistent or fleeting thoughts that others may be better off without you, and you may/or may not begin to formulate a plan to end your life.

These thoughts can be extremely scary, overwhelming and confusing for you, but there is support that you can access.

If you feel that you need immediate help and cannot keep yourself safe you need to:

  • Go to your nearest A&E
  • Call 999
  • Ask someone else to take you to A&E or call 999
  • Talk to Lifeline on 0808 800 8000 (24 hrs helpline)
  • Talk to Samaritans on 116 123 (24 hrs helpline)

You can also speak to your GP, or if it is out of hours contact Dalriada Doctor on Call on (028) 2566 3500.

If you feel comfortable you could also confide in a friend or family member.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts you may experience:

  • Feelings of overwhelm and fear
  • You may feel unwanted/un-needed by others
  • Hopeless
  • You may that loved ones would be better off without you
  • You may feel physically numb

You may also experience:

  • Sleep difficulties
  • Changes in your appetite
  • An urge to self-harm
  • Isolate yourself from others
  • Lack of self care

If you are feeling this way, please talk to someone, do not try to manage this on your own. At CCS we can offer you a safe space in which to explore these feelings if you are in crisis. The space is non-judgemental, and we offer you a caring and compassionate space in which it is ok to not always be ok. We can work with you to ensure that you are kept safe by creating a collaborative keep safe plan, and can help you in finding a way forward that works for you.

If our counsellors feel that there is a risk to you or to others, we do have an ethical requirement to let other professionals aware (GP etc), but this will be done in a very collaborative way by our therapists, and you will be involved at all stages of the onward discussions.

Our therapists have attended ASIST Suicide Awareness Training, and continue to keep up to date with current research and training.

Who can help you?

Counselling services in the North Coast Causeway area of Northern Ireland, we can offer you an initial telephone consultation for 15/20 minutes free of charge for you to discuss the reason you are seeking counselling.