Face to Face Counselling

Our base is The Loft, located in Ann Street, Ballycastle. Should you need to access counselling you can make contact with our counsellors either by phone or via our dedicated website (www.castlecounsellingservices.com).

At this time our counsellors will carry out an initial telephone consultation with you and can then arrange an appointment at our office for your assessment session.

During this first session you will have the opportunity to discuss your reason for coming for counselling in more depth, and our counsellors will carry out a full assessment of your specific needs, and will work collaboratively with you on an individualised treatment plan.

Each session will last for 60 minutes, and will provide you with a safe space in which to discuss the issues which are most important to you. Throughout your sessions, our counsellors will work alongside you to ensure that your needs are being met.

The service will offer you a safe space where you will be fully accepted with warmth, where you will not be judged, and where you feel that you can be truly heard and understood.

How much does Counselling cost?

We offer an affordable, reliable and cofidential services in the north coast area. We can offer you an initial telephone consultation of 15/20 minutes free of charge for you to discuss with us the reason you are seeking counselling.

We are both very passionate about our work, and about the results that can be achieved through the therapeutic alliance.

Counselling Costs