Divorce and Separation

Separation and divorce counselling can follow the decision by one or both partners to end a relationship.

There are a number of reasons why an individual would attend divorce or separation counselling sessions. These may include:

  • You are considering separation or divorce
  • You may be coping with the feelings associated with separation or divorce
  • You may want to discuss and understand fully the effect on children/family members

Divorce counselling, also known as separation counselling, gives people the opportunity to examine the relationship with less pressure to ‘fix’ it.. Counselling at this stage also offers you the chance to better understand why the relationship didn't work out.

The counselling space will also allow you to mourn for the loss of what had once held so much promise. Understanding how to move on is a valuable way to allow individuals to progress with their lives rather than rolling the same issues over into new relationships.

Counselling can help address issues relating to separation and divorce by:

  • Lessen harmful effects on children and partners.
  • Helping you make sense of what has happened.
  • Assist you in preparing for change and progression.
  • Assist in offering you space to gain some perspective and closure.

Separation counselling will give you a space to talk about your children’s best interests and enable you and your partner to plan ways to deal with the situation.

At Castle Counselling Services our therapists can offer you the safe and secure space you need to discuss these issues openly, and journey with you during this period of life transition.

Who can help you?

Counselling services in the North Coast Causeway area of Northern Ireland, we can offer you an initial telephone consultation for 15/20 minutes free of charge for you to discuss the reason you are seeking counselling.